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Courses 4 Forces Magazine Advertising Rates
Size Dimensions (Depth x Width) mm Price
Centre Page Spread 297 x 420 mm £7,250
Double Page Spread 297 x 420 mm £6,850
Outside Back Cover 297 x 210 mm £4,625
Inside Front Cover 297 x 210 mm £4,075
Inside Back Cover 297 x 210 mm £3,850
Single Page 297 x 210 mm £3,650
Half Page (horizontal / vertical) 125 x 185 mm (h) or 256 x 125 mm (v) £2,175
Quarter Page (vertical / horizontal) 125 x 85 mm (v) or 60 x 185 mm (h) £1,225
Eighth Page 60 x 85 mm £675
Loose Inserts (Up to 21 gms) Trim size A4- £65 per 1000
Agency Commission 10% Guaranteed Position +10%
Series Discounts: 3 insertions 5% - 6 insertions 10% - 12 insertions 20% Guarenteed Position +10%


February, May, August and November


Courses4Forces is the only dedicated in‐service publication for those wishing to take up their Enhanced Learning Credit (ELC) entitlement. Endorsed by ELCAS, the official MoD administrator for the scheme, Courses 4 Forces has a unique penetration into this lucrative and important market for learning.

Editorial will include:

  • Updates from the Director General Training & Education.
  • Topical news from ELCAS
  • Case Studies from the Royal Navy, Army & RAF
  • Factual Guide to ELC’s
  • Quarterly Learning Prize
Why use Courses 4 Forces?
There are currently 178,000 members of our Armed Forces. All those who have served for four years or more from 1st April 2000 are entitled to up to £6,000 for Educational / Vocational courses with a minimum of level 3 NVQ.
Additional funding is now available to cover tuition fees for a first university degree.
Since inception of the ELC Scheme in April 2004, over 56,000 claims have been received and training payments of more than £65 million have been made.
The 2010 Defence Review outlined a reduction of c.18,000 personnel in the Forces establishment which will take place across 2011 – 2014 starting in September 2011. Many in the Forces are already starting to consider their future and looking to use their ELC’s immediately as a means of obtaining qualifications to enhance their skill‐set and credentials for future employment both within the Forces and the wider job market. The current climate makes this the ideal time to promote your services as an approved provider.
25,000 Copies

Comprehensive coverage of every point where members of the Armed Forces will seek educational advice including:

All Unit Education Officers

  • All Unit Education Centres
  • Single Services Education Centres
  • All Unit Administration Officers
  • All Career and Management Officers
  • All Unit Resettlement Officers
  • The 10 Regional Resettlement Centres
  • All Single Service Resettlement Officers
  • The Resettlement Training Centre at Aldershot (tri‐service)

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